Launches Urban Entertainment And Travel Guide For 21 U.S. Cities was founded by two entrepreneurs who left challenging management positions in the IT industry to start their own company.
“Working in the IT industry allowed us to travel and experience entertainment in several cities across the United States,” said Dale Pope, President and Chief Management Officer of Already having over 11 years of combined IT and Entertainment experience and looking for new challenges, “we decided to use our skills to build a one-stop entertainment guide”, said Nirav Shah, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of
“Having witnessed the dot-com explosion and failures, we decided against the Venture Capital route. Instead, we opted to privately finance our venture and draw upon our experience in the IT and Entertainment industries to offer a unique online service”, Nirav continued. is able to provide these services by combining their own entertainment information and supplementing it through strategic partnerships and affiliations. is a new urban entertainment guide featuring over 5,000 entertainment listings plus an online travel reservation system for over 20 U.S. cities. is dedicated to finding unique and offbeat entertainment information for today’s internet-savvy urban thrill seekers. “We realized that people like to know what’s going on in their city. They want to know popular places for nightlife, live music, the arts, dining, but they are also interested in looking for those unique, offbeat, and eclectic places that are hard to find. That’s where we come in,” said Dale Pope.