Travelago Offers Free Online Promotion For Hawaii Businesses

As a special promotion, Travelago ( is offering complimentary premium listings on its online travel guide to all Hawaii travel-related businesses during June, July and August of this year.
With these premium listings, Hawaii businesses have the opportunity to provide Travelago site users with streaming video about their business, place links to Web sites and reservation systems, post property pictures and information, run a banner ad on the Travelago network and have their listing appear among “highlighted” properties for a destination - all at no charge.
Every business that provides Travelago a video along with their listing information will have their listing also placed on the Yahoo! Travel through Travelago`s distribution partner program. Listings with or without video will also benefit from traffic driven from other distribution partners, which include Microsoft`s, Apple QuickTime and RoadRunner.
“Travelago has recognized the unique challenges of the Hawaii travel market,” said John Bobel, Co-Executive Officer and President of Travelago. “By providing these complimentary listings, we give every Hawaii business an equal opportunity to represent themselves on the world`s largest video destination guide.”
Travelago offers more than 1,800 streaming videos for more than 850 destinations. Visitors to Travelago or its partner Web sites can watch videos, gather comprehensive information on hotels, restaurants and attractions in each destination, and make their reservations online using one of Travelago`s many booking engine partners. Travelago lets people feel confident about booking travel on the Web by allowing them to “see where they`re going before they go.”
“Travelago is the world`s largest streaming travel video content provider,” said Bobel. “We provide the most comprehensive travel library on the Internet - at the highest quality, using state-of-the-art technology.
“With 10 percent of all worldwide Internet page views dedicated to travel and destination research, Travelago is uniquely positioned as a quality business and leisure travel-planning tool,” said Bobel. “Once a traveler watches a Travelago destination video that features a particular hotel, restaurant, attraction or activity, that person is 70 percent more likely to book a video-related activity over something that just has a simple text listing. Our videos turn lookers into bookers.”