Air China launches SMS check-in

Air China has launched a new service that allows domestic passengers to check-in by text message on their mobile phones.The SMS check-in service will allow Air China’s domestic passengers who have booked e-tickets on direct flights from Beijing, passengers on Tibetan routes and passengers who need special care excluded, to check in by SMS on their mobile phones anytime between 24 hours and 90 minutes before their scheduled take-off time.

Passengers who purchase e-tickets on the Air China website will have the option of checking-in by mobile phone. If they choose that option then, within a specified time, they will receive a text message which contains a link to the Air China website. Clicking this link will allow the passenger to sign up to the “check-in by mobile phone” service. Once this has been done, the passenger will receive a two-dimensional bar-code e-boarding pass on their mobile phone, with which they can go through security procedures at any channel in Terminal 3 and then check in. It is a completely paperless check-in service throughout the process of booking, paying, going through security procedures and boarding.

Furthermore, Air China has set up a website that can be accessed by mobile phone, and will open a text message platform that will enable passengers to check in, find out arrival, departure and frequent flyer miles information, and see the latest promotions and travel notices from CAAC and Air China.

Through this platform, Air China will send passengers flight, boarding, transfer and baggage tracking information, notices of received mileage as well as reminders of expiring mileage available, and approaching upgrades, so as to ensure maximum benefits for members. In addition to the new mobile phone check-in service, passengers can also enjoy check-in at Beijing Capital Airport as well as check-in through Air China’s website.

“In recent years, Air China has been improved its services to that of an advanced international airline,” said Yang Lihua, Vice-President of Air China. “This series of e-commerce services will further enhance Air China’s capabilities. Our efforts to improve our services with advanced technology have already won Air China the passenger award for ‘Making Business Simple’ and the ‘Award for the Best E-commerce Application’ from the IATA. Air China has also been selected as one of China’s top 500 information-based companies. With the development of 3G and mobile technology, as well as a diversification in passengers’ demands, Air China will continue to improve its services, marketing, and interaction with members, so that its passengers will have up-to-the-minute information and an even more personalized service.”