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Air China invites guests to Land of Luck in London

Air China invites guests to Land of Luck in London

Air China has invited guests to a celebration of the Year of the Pig at The Bargehouse in Southbank, London.

From 11:30-21:30 on February 9th, the carrier will offer a multi-layered experience that will give guests a glimpse of the magical land of China.

Included will be a range of activities that will help guests increase their chances of landing all their hopes and dreams for the year.

As they enter the experience through the Air China check-in desks, they will be transported into a land of unexpected beauty and opportunity, but, most importantly, luck.

Everything within the Land of Luck is designed to create and curate prosperity, drawing on long held Chinese traditions to offer unique fortune filling experiences.

A highlight of the Land of Luck is the Lucky Banquet Hall, where guests will be surprised and delighted by the experiences on offer.

The Land of Luck, as well as cultivating fortune, allows visitors to experience the wonders of China, stepping into a world of hidden gems to see and feel some unexplored wonders of this extra-ordinary country.

Begin by exploring the replica of the ghost village Houtouwan, marvelling at the mystery behind the abandoned houses, before taking a seat for a moment for reflection, and maybe a selfie, on a quiet bench.

No moment to yourself in China is complete without experiencing the majestic powers of tea and the rituals that accompany drinking.

Tea expert and star of Air China’s Land Your Dream video, Lera Zujeva will be on hand to provide an intimate Tea Ritual Masterclass to enable guests to increase mindfulness and achieve balance throughout your day.

Jingjie Li, general manager, Air China UK, commented: “Air China has been operating UK routes for more than 30 years and has a long-held commitment to the successful operative of flights out of the UK.

“The Land Your Dream campaign is latest step in Air China’s commitment to helping Brits land their dreams by connecting business travellers and tourists alike with all the possibilities that China and the rest of the world holds.

“We are combining this passion with the traditional New Year celebrations, to create the Land of Luck experience that will not only inspire people to achieve their dreams but also give them a lucky head start.”

The Land of Luck must be booked in time slots, with sessions starting every 30 minutes.