TNS launches panel researching niche activities

TNS Travel & Tourism is to launch the world’s first activities-based research panel - enabling organisations to investigate previously unreachable groups based on their participation in niche sports and leisure activities.For the first time, companies and organisations in the tourism and leisure sectors can engage with individuals who take part in ethical holidays, enjoy parachuting or scuba diving, visit film locations or go on spa breaks.  With panellists filtered by 25 specialist activities, TNS’ Activities’ Panel will provide an unprecedented insight into the habits and preferences of leisure enthusiasts.

The Activities’ Panel has been developed in consultation with both private and public sector TNS clients in the tourism and leisure industries.  Two years in the making, it draws from an online panel of 500,000 adults in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.  By profiling panellists through leisure participation, age, gender, holidaying behaviour and media preference, users can build up a highly accurate picture to inform product development and communication with these niche groups.

Tom Costley, Head of TNS Travel & Tourism, explains: “Until now it has been a huge challenge for leisure businesses to research beyond an overall population or location-based level - often preventing them from targeting the very groups that participate in the activities they offer.  We are launching the Activities’ Panel in response to requests from number of clients in this field who want to better understand how groups interact with these niche pursuits.  Through this panel, we can also cross-reference activities - helping a mountain bike manufacturer identify where and when biking is most popular, or an eco-holiday operator understand what sports should be included in a holiday package.”

TNS’ Activities’ Panel will launch in May 2009, hot on the heels of TNS’ enhanced Travellers’ Panel which has relaunched this spring with a wider range of insights on travel and holiday patterns.