IHG trials system to cut energy waste 25%

InterContinental Hotels is testing a new on-line system to help hotel managers manage their energy consumption more effectively, which could result in energy savings of up to 25%, an estimated US$200 million reduction to its energy bill.The IHG ‘Green Engage’ software works by hotels directly inputting data on site. The system then compares hotels of a similar nature across the world and lists a series of actions that each hotel can take to reduce waste and the consumption of energy and water.

The system, which was developed in-house, will be rolled out across IHG’s seven brands including Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and InterContinental following final trials in 650 hotels which are starting now. It is expected the system will be offered as an option to all 4,000 hotels across the IHG estate from mid 2009.

Green Engage responds to growing levels of interest from guests who are looking for sustainable hotels that manage their environmental impact. As well as location, price and amenities, guests are now factoring in a hotel’s environmental credentials when booking a place to stay.

Andy Cosslett, IHG Chief Executive, said “This is an important initiative for IHG, our hotel owners and our guests. Green Engage is a practical tool designed to help improve environmental performance, reduce costs and respond to our guests increasing awareness of this issue. Across our estate we estimate Green Engage has the potential to drive up to $200 million of savings for our hotel owners and significantly reduce energy consumption.”

Tom Corcoran, Chairman of the IAHI Owners’ Association, and owner of a number of hotels taking part in the Green Engage pilot commented, “Green Engage is not only good for the environment, but is also good for business. In the current economic climate and with rising energy bills, this tool will help us to identify significant cost savings. At the same time it delivers what our guests want - a greater sense of well-being and less impact on our planet when travelling.”