Aeroflot and Czech expand codeshare

Aeroflot and Czech Airlines are developing their existing code sharing agreement with a new joint operation on two routes from Prague to Slovakia and Macedonia enabling the Russian airline to sell vacant seats and use the SU marketing code on these routes.

The routes Prague to Zilina, in northern Slovakia, and Prague to Skopje, Macedonia’s capital, will complement Aeroflot’s own flights on the routes from Moscow and Samara to the Czech and Slovak cities of Prague, Karlovy Vary and Bratislava.

“Our intensified cooperation with Czech Airlines represents a strategic implementation of Aeroflot’s central and eastern European network widening through maximizing the use of alliance partnerships. Collaborating with our SkyTeam partner enables Aeroflot to broaden our geography of flights and to offer our passengers additional flight opportunities to popular Eastern European destinations,” says Aeroflot’s CEO Valery Okulov.

Aeroflot is already using its SU marketing code on the flights performed by Czech Airlines on the routes from Prague to Dublin, Manchester, Bratislava, Samara, Cosice and Ostrava. As a marketing partner Czech Airlines already cooperates with Aeroflot on the flights from Moscow to Irkutsk, Barnaul, Omsk and Kemerovo.

The joint flights on the route Prague to Zilena route will be performed by Czech Airlines on ATR 42 aircraft, and on the route Prague to Skopje route on Boeing 737 aircraft. Both routes represent tourist and business destinations that are popular among Russian passengers.