isango! launches French site

Tour and activity provider Isango has launched a French language site,

The French site is isango!‘s second European-dedicated point of sale site, and follows its German launch three months ago.As with the German site, the offering is tailored to French customers, in line with the country’s e-commerce regulations and crucially, offering tour and activity products across the world conducted in the French language.

The solution has arisen in response to enquiries from many French travel companies that were lacking a solution to provide unique new products to their consumers in a scalable and efficient way.

Daniele Beccari, Vice President Europe, isango! says: “We’re very much looking forward to seeing the fruit of our new French business - both direct and through our business partnerships.  Translating our offering is expensive, but not difficult per se. The complexity lies in sourcing products suitable for the market audience and meeting local regulations, with the end goal of winning the trust of consumers for a new brand in a new category.”

isango! partners such as will be able to deploy French language on their gold label sites to provide inspirational destination content for online visitors and cross-sell opportunities to their guests. 


isango! provides partners with plug and play solutions to resell over 10,000 different product options while hiding all the complexity of a fragmented and high touch supply chain in more than 60 countries.