Jumeirah expands Wild Wadi Water Park

Jumeirah has revealed expansion plans for Wild Wadi Water Park with the arrival of
the latest rides available on the market. The first ride to be added next year is called ‘Tantrum Alley’, which will
incorporate two large sections of downhill waterslides and two tornados.

Guests seated on a four person tube will travel downhill to enter the first
tornado where they slide back and forth several times, then circle around
and around in the eye of the storm before exiting and hitting the second
tornado, after which they splash out into the pool.

The second ride, known as ‘Behemoth Bowl’ is equally as adventurous and
consists of two sections of downhill waterslides and the looming ‘bowl’.
Guests are seated on a four person tube, travelling downhill to the bowl,
where they are hurtled into a spiralling spin and then dropped into the
slide, ending with a splash in the pool. 


Chris Perry, General Manager of Wild Wadi Water Park, commented: “Wild Wadi
is all about fun and is an ideal place for families to escape the hustle
and bustle of everyday life. As water park industry leaders, we remain
committed to Jumeirah’s promise to ‘Stay Different’ and offer our guests
the latest wild rides that cannot be found anywhere else in the region.”



In order to prepare the park for these incredible slides, Wild Wadi will be
closed from January 22nd until February 11th, 2009, before re-opening on
February 12th. After this date, the park will continue operating while
Tantrum Alley and Behemoth Bowl are being constructed, with a minimum
disturbance to the guests.


Jumeirah will add the two new rides - ‘Tantrum Alley’ and ‘Behemoth Bowl’ -
to Wild Wadi Water Park in 2009.
Wild Wadi Water Park has been one of Dubai’s favourite family destinations
for the last nine years and the new rides, which are a first for the
region, can be enjoyed by the entire family, providing hours of fun for all