Wego.com joins forces with eBay

eBay and Wego.com have forged an alliance to launch a new travel category on eBay sites in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Users who log on to eBay.com.sg, eBay.com.my and eBay.ph will have the opportunity to search over one hundred travel websites to compare real- time, available offers from airlines, online travel agencies, hotel chains, hotel aggregators and other travel suppliers quickly at one easy-to-use location.Martin Symes, CEO of Wego.com said, “Joining forces with eBay will provide its users an even better travel shopping experience. With Wego’s comprehensive price comparisons for travel products, eBay users can now search across multiple travel sites to help them find the best deals in real time, within seconds.”

Allis Ghim, Director at eBay, said, “By partnering with Wego, we are able to add the travel category to our current product offering which will further enhance the online shopping experience for users in Southeast Asia. This reinforces our position as the world’s largest online marketplace where practically anything can be bought or sold”.