Emirates opens new domestic base

Emirates has opened the doors of its new home, Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. From Wednesday 15th October, all the flights to and from the GCC and the Americas - 40 flights a day, around 15% of the airline’s total services - will depart from and arrive at Emirates Terminal 3. The second phase, to be launched shortly, will include flights to the rest of the Middle East and Africa, increasing operations to 99 flights every day, 37% of all flights.

Flights to Europe will take-off in the third phase, escalating operations to 168 daily flights or 60% of all Emirates’ services.

The fourth and final phase will include flights to the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia and Australasia and bring the total to 269 flights every day.

Customers are advised to check their departure terminal before setting off for Dubai International Airport to help avoid any unnecessary delays to their journey.