Lufthansa adapts schedule around strikes

In face of the strike action organised by the ver.di trade union, Lufthansa has
adapted its flight schedules for the next five days and issued a special timetable
for German domestic and European
connections.This ensures that 90 per cent of all Lufthansa flights in the German
and European network will take place. A special timetable for long-haul services is
in the offing.

The special timetable is available for download at It shows at a
glance which flights are not affected by the stoppage and which will take off as
planned. Passengers, hit by flight
cancellations and unable to find their flight in the revised timetable, can check
the status of their flight booking at aktuell.

Lufthansa is doing its utmost to keep customers informed promptly and offer
alternative travel options.  The special timetable and related cancellations are
designed to minimise the impact of the
walkout and inconvenience to passengers, and ensure them a high degree of planning
security. With this precautionary measure, Lufthansa is additionally stabilising its
flight schedules.