Airbus opens Hamburg delivery centre

Airbus has opened a new A380 Delivery Centre at its manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany.Airbus’ European and Middle Eastern customers will receive their A380s from this new delivery centre, while deliveries to A380 customers located further away will take place from Toulouse.

Emirates Airline will be the first customer to receive its A380 from Hamburg on 28 July 2008, while Singapore Airlines had received its first A380 in October 2007 from Toulouse.

The building has been named after J├╝rgen Thomas, the former head of the Airbus Large Aircraft Division, who was in charge of the development of the A3XX (to become A380) from 1996 to 2001.

The centre completes the Toulouse Delivery Centre, which accommodates all aircraft deliveries, and the A320 Family Delivery Centre in Hamburg. The five-floor building features about 16,000 square metres of which 5.000 square meters are dedicated for delivery activities such as office space and is equipped with a shop-floor area, customer and contract offices as well as freight and luggage areas.