China bans free plastic bags in shops

China has taken an environmental lead by banning all supermarkets, department stores and shops from giving out free plastic bags and has called on consumers to use baskets and cloth bags to reduce pollution.Swiss™tel Kunshan has reinforced the initiative by holding a ‘Going Green - Reduce waste now’ activity at Zhengyang Bridge, the shopping centre of Kunshan city. This activity was aimed to urge people to decrease the usage of plastic bags. 800 linen bags were distributed to pedestrians by 25 volunteers from Swiss™tel Kunshan during the activity, and another 400 linen bags will be spread to the hotel clients in the following weeks.

“Plastic bags pose a threat to our environment and consume non renewable energy,” said Rainer Tenius, General Manager of the Swiss™tel Kunshan. “It’s a really important thing that we, each and every one of us, do our bit to reduce the consumption of plastic bags and to use linen bags for shopping instead. The environment and community care is one of the consistent policies of Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts ...... It’s our responsibility to leave a green and healthy earth to our children.”