Travel goes 3D at ATM

World Group Media has unveiled new digital 3D technology that could revolutionise how travel companies market themselves. 3D was once the preserve of multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters and IMAX, but this new digital technology now paves the way for companies to produce their own 3D movie without breaking the bank. This will create a multitude of possible uses in the travel and tourism industry.

“Our clients are using 3D to create a ‘wow’ factor and to generate competitive advantages over their competitors,” explained Rupert Daniels, Managing Director of World Group Media.

Daniels continued, “Our background is in professional sports where we have created 3D films for clients such as FIFA, Coca-Cola, Reebok and Adidas. We believe there is fantastic potential in the travel and tourism industry to use 3D films for product launches, exhibiting at trade fairs, 3D walkthroughs, entertainment shows, VIP hospitality and much much more.”

Visitors to World Group’s stand were overwhelmed by the promo film, which included Chelsea FC, Amir Khan, iconic locations from London to the Swiss Alps and jaw dropping animations that literally flew out of the screen.