Dnata unveils green initiative

Dnata Travel Services has launched a major recycling initiative at its Sheikh Zayed Road offices.With immediate effect all waste paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and printer toner cartridges will be collected by Jebel Ali-based Paper Chase International Inc, and sent for recycling.

Sylvan Pinto, Manager Programmes & Operations Efficiency, at Dnata, said: “This is an extremely important initiative. Each one of us produces a huge amount of recyclable material on an annual basis and we have a responsibility to ensure it is disposed of responsibly. By offering facilities that are so easily accessible to every member of staff at Dnata Travel Services, we are confident we can significantly increase the amount of material being recycled.

“We are pleased to be able to launch this initiative on Earth Day - a day which is dedicated to highlighting environmental issues.”

Each of the 715 Dnata Travel Centre based staff will have a dedicated box next to their desk in which to deposit their waste paper and bins will be available in each department for the collection of other recyclable materials. These will be emptied daily. The recyclable material will then be put into a dedicated cage situated in the car park behind the offices, which will be emptied as and when required.

The initiative is running as a pilot programme at the Dnata Travel Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road and it is hoped to roll out the process to other Dnata premises in time.


Staff are also being encouraged to bring in their recyclable material from home to dispose of properly in the Dnata recycling facilities.