SynXis partners MICROS Systems

SynXis and MICROS Systems have announced the signing of a partnership between SynXis and MICROS that will enhance their already integrated solution to drive even more value for their joint customers. SynXis and MICROS will work together to continuously improve value and efficiencies of the integration between the SynXis Central Reservation System (CRS) and the MICROS Property Management System (PMS).  One example of the collaboration is the addition of reservation synchronisation capabilities providing hotel revenue managers with a true single-image of inventory in both the SynXis and MICROS systems.

“This agreement is a significant step in addressing the very real need for the hotel industry to leverage the advantages of integrating its disparate operations,” said Scott Alvis, President and General Manager of SynXis. “MICROS and SynXis are committed to working together to provide the leadership to move the industry forward in areas that can have a significant impact to customer service.”

“We understand the varying needs of our customers and are committed to delivering on both fully integrated and best-of-breed solutions to the industry,” stated Dr. Peter Agel, Vice President, Distribution Logistics, MICROS EAME.  “Our strategic partnership with SynXis will provide the industry with more options for implementing an advanced inventory solution.”