Golden Tulip absorbs 27 German hotels

Golden Tulip Hospitality has announced the addition of 27 hotels under franchise agreements. The agreements enter into effect as per February 1st 2008.
The hotels, currently branded as Mercure Hotels will be reflagged into 9 Golden Tulips (four stars) and 18 Tulip Inns (three stars).

Both Mr. Hans Kennedie (Managing Director of Golden Tulip) and Dr. Reinhard Baumhögger (Managing Director & Owner of Arcadia) know each other for years and their discussions on becoming business partners took shape during 2007.

Golden Tulip is operating and franchising 19 hotels in Germany, whereas Arcadia operates 27 hotels across the country. The combined portfolio comprises now of 46 hotels.

Arcadia Hotel & Management is headquartered in Dortmund, whereas Golden Tulip’s area office is based in Düsseldorf.

Reinhard Baumhögger, Managing Director and owner of Arcadia comments: “After 12 years of fine co-operation with Accor, it was time to move the beacons and to look for another hotel brand, which moves with force in the markets. Golden Tulip with its strong Management has been adding a variety a great hotels in Germany and Europe in the last couple of years. Also the fact that the brands of Golden Tulip have been around for over 45 years and the strong reservation system platform, which they have created with Pegasus Solutions surely contributed to our choice to start the relation with Golden Tulip Hotels Inns & Resorts.”


Hans Kennedie, President & CEO of Golden Tulip Hospitality Group states: “I am delighted with the co-operation with Arcadia hotels in Germany. They are great hotels in good locations and very well managed. Dr. Baumhögger and his management team have built a great network of hotels over the past years and we are proud that they are now becoming Golden Tulip Hotels or Tulip Inns.”

“We will co-ordinate and integrate our commercial and operational initiatives in the next couple of months and the hotels will all be book-able on as from the last week of January ‘08.”

“We believe the Golden Tulip brand name is going to be a good match for these hotels, bringing a unique combination of International Standards maintaining its local flavour.” said Hans Kennedie. “The Golden Tulip philosophy is very service oriented making sure that all the guests are more than satisfied”.