Yellow Pages slams online travel sites has informed the public on how online travel websites work and why they all
show different prices and different availability for the same flights and
hotel bookings.

The company wants the public to be informed as to how online travel
websites operate. Most consumers are under the impression that all travel
websites show the exact same deals, prices, and availability. This is
absolutely incorrect. Most travel websites will have different prices and
in some cases different availability times for the same exact search. Some
travel sites negotiate different prices and arrangements with their
suppliers, the individual airlines, hotels and car rentals. Therefore, this
will cause each major travel website to display different results than its
Online travel websites are aggregators of individual airlines, hotels
and car rentals. This requires them to negotiate partnerships with each
individual airline, hotel and car rental company. This has caused American
consumers to hop around from site to site looking for the best deal. In a
survey done by the YellowPages Corporation amongst 500 participants, the
company found that 93% of people search between 2 to 6 travel websites
before making a decision. The remaining 8% did not care to save money and
would only search one website of their choosing. If the major online travel
websites are all aggregators of the individual airline, hotel and car
rental companies and they each show different results for each, then who is
aggregating the aggregators?

  Most think websites like SideStep or Kayak are aggregating their
competitors, which we found not to be true. Although they are both very
popular and very easy to use travel sites, they only display results from
the individual airlines, hotels and car rentals. However, they do offer
separate pop-up windows which open additional browsers to Orbitz, Expedia,
PriceLine, Travelocity and Hotwire. Having all of these browsers open on
one computer monitor can get fairly messy and confusing to some people.

  For those that search multiple travel websites each time they fly, provides a tool that searches the top 12 travel websites
with just one click and avoids having to open 12 different browsers. If
someone is willing to visit an online travel website and take the time to
enter their travel information such as dates, times, one way or round trip,
destinations, etc ... why not search one website that searches them all? does not search the individual airlines, hotels or car
rentals. They are a tool that enables users to search the major travel
websites faster and more conveniently.

  The company has also announced a new charity program whereby will donate 15% of its net proceeds to multiple
charitable organizations. The company enables users of its site to
recommend a charity of their choice. If one particular charity is submitted
numerous times, the company will consider adding that charity to its list.
Users are able to vote for the charity of their choice as well. They may do
so by going to this link: Each user
can only vote once as the company captures the IP address of each vote and
does not allow that IP address to vote again. The company will be donating
to several well known charities such as the American Cancer Society,
American Red Cross, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. According to Matt
Richards, a company spokesperson; “If consumers are considering using a
travel website, why not use one that searches all of them? does all the work with one click and to top it off we
donate 15% of our net earnings to charities that could really use the money
to benefit society. Users can search all 12 major travel sites instantly
and donate to important charities at the same time.”