UK visitors to Turkey climb

Turkey is maintaining a healthy increase in visitors arriving from the UK.

Figures for January to October 2007 show visitors from the European Union have increased by 13.74 per cent, with a total of 1,840,307 visitors arriving from the UK. This compares with 1,606,180 for the same period in 2006 increasing 14.58%.

Sermin Ozduran, Director for TCTO in the UK, commented: “We are incredibly pleased to see the number of travellers to Turkey grow amongst new and repeat visitors. These figures demonstrate that Turkey is a year-round destination offering something for everyone, from adventurous family holidays to bespoke cultural tours, every visitor can chose from a wide range of experiences such as visiting the ancient remains of many civilizations, indulgent spa treatments, relaxing in our natural hot springs, or seeking out Turkey’s wildlife.”


Predicted to be amongst the top three leading tourist destinations in the Mediterranean by 2020, Turkey will host the spectacular European Capital of Culture ceremonies in Istanbul in 2010. A city steeped in culture and tradition, Istanbul boasts some of the most stunning architectural delights in Europe. Visitors are encouraged to peer into the Sultan’s Harem, wonder at the Blue Mosque and hunt for bargains in the Kapalı Çarşı (Grand Bazaar).



For winter sports enthusiasts Turkey also boasts a number of ski resorts, including Uludag, Kartalkaya, Palandoken and Davraz (Turkey’s newest ski resort), all offering fantastic opportunities for skiing and snowboarding at great value compared with many other European destinations.