Colombia launches first low-fare airline

EasyFly, Colombia’s first low-fare airline, started operations with aircraft carrying 30 passengers, its top executives announced. EasyFly President Alfonso Avila said the company’s goal is to dominate routes to 23 of Colombia’s secondary cities, and in the beginning will offer fares 20 percent cheaper than competitive companies.

According to EFE news wire, EasyFly goes into service flying Jetstream 41 turboprop aircraft made by British Aerospace.

The company with an initial investment equivalent to $4 million began operations Friday with two aircraft and by mid-2008 plans to boost the number to nine.

In the first phase it will fly from Bogota to Manizales, Armenia, Ibague, Popayan, Valledupar, Corozal, Villavicencio, Yopal, Cartago, Neiva and Pasto.