Polish Air makes online enhancements

LOT Polish
Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, has implemented ITA Software’s airfare
pricing and shopping system, QPX in a bid to streamline online
travel queries and processes.
With more customers being drawn to self-service travel booking, LOT
Polish Airlines turned to the computing capabilities of ITA’s QPX system
to create a single process for calculating multiple query options such
as fares, rules, schedules, currencies and seat availability. This
streamlined approach reduced the costs associated with supporting its
rapidly growing online channel and resulted in more efficient,
responsive web site performance.

“Improving the user experience of LOT.com is a primary focus for us,”
said Radoslaw Dutkowski, manager, E-Commerce, LOT Polish Airlines.
“Implementing ITA Software’s QPX system has allowed us to offer a better
online shopping experience while recognizing impressive cost savings and
operational efficiencies. We’re pleased with the initial results and are
already planning future improvements, to take full advantage of the
enhanced shopping capabilities available through QPX.”

Faster, more efficient and more flexible than traditional airfare
pricing systems, QPX computes potentially billions of combinations of
flights and fares in order to deliver better and more comprehensive
results. Built on open systems and delivered as a managed service on an
application service provider (ASP) basis, QPX is highly scaleable and
configurable. It provides customers such as LOT Polish Airlines with the
efficiency, flexibility and cost efficiency demanded in today’s highly
competitive market.

“We are proud to add LOT Polish Airlines to our growing portfolio of
European customers. We look forward to working with this innovative
airline as it leverages the potential of QPX, and drives even greater
efficiencies and value from its direct sales channels and LOT.com in
particular,” said David Peller, regional vice president business
development, EMEA and India, ITA Software.