Trade Me rolls out travel site

Trade Me is launching its new travel website
Travelbug with an initial focus on accommodation.

Aimed at everyday New Zealanders, Travelbug launches with over 1500
accommodation providers and over 10,000 rooms from Ahipara to Stewart

Were delighted by the take-up weve enjoyed from the industry, said Trade
Me founder and CEO Sam Morgan.

We have a great spread of coverage with a selection of places to stay in
nearly every town in New Zealand. We expect to double our operator
numbers within a year.

Travelbug shares a navigation bar with Trade Me, and also draws on the
principles of community feedback and trading histories. Prospective
customers are able to check out other travelers experiences and provide
their own ratings of accommodation providers.


Overnight accommodation ranges from $25 to $1500 night, but the main
focus is family accommodation between $80 and $160 a night. The service
allows you to check availability and then book online up to a year

Just as Trade Me Jobs has grown the number of people looking for jobs
online, we believe Travelbug will significantly grow the number of
people who find and book holidays online in New Zealand.

The website provides Kiwis with a comprehensive marketplace of local
accommodation providers with online booking facilities. There are no
additional charges for consumers and suppliers are only charged if
bookings are made.

Trade Me has built Travelbug in partnership with Vianet International, a
Keri-Kkeri based travel software and development company. Once the
accommodation service beds down, Trade Me and Vianet plan to expand
Travelbug into other areas including holiday homes and tourism