Football fans get travel options

Football Fanatics at www.Alternative
, have developed a special web booking facility to allow
football fans to find the cheapest and most convenient way of flying to the
forthcoming European Champions Group Matches.
The web site now features a special section that details which airports are
closest to the each of the stadiums and includes a unique booking display
which allow fans to choose from both scheduled and low cost airline

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Rangers and Celtic are all
through to the Group stage of the competition and the first round of
matches takes place on the 18th and 19th of September.

Managing Director John Pope said: ” We noticed that as soon as the draw was
announced flights on many direct routings suddenly became full or jumped up
in price, so we have deliberately pulled together the widest possible of
alternative airlines and in-direct routings to allow fans to take advantage
of the many different ways to get to each match.”