RoomsNet and Synxis join forces

RoomsNet has announced it’s integration with distribution and technology services provider
Synxis.SynXis is a distribution technology and services provider which also has a
sizeable existing base of hotels, both independent and chains that use
their IDS and electronic distribution services. Integration with Synxis
will provide RoomsNet with the opportunity to increase their hotel base and
to be able to better serve their customers with a wider choice of hotels
and a wider coverage of destinations in all the major regions.

Hotels using the Synxis system will now be able to gain more exposure for
their hotels using RoomsNet’s highly successful niche distribution model
which is able to identify and target customer needs in a highly relevant
manner. RoomsNet is able to target specific groups of properties to
specific target markets. For example, if a hotel is situated near the
Theatreland area in London, RoomsNet will be able to position them so as to
provide maximum exposure of that hotel to the theatre lovers visiting
London. If pets are welcome in a hotel, RoomsNet will ensure that this
feature is given prominence so that visitors to London who want to bring
their pets along will find suitable accommodation in London for themselves
as well as their pets.

In the dynamic and highly fragmented online travel environment of today,
RoomsNet is capable of matching the unique strengths of each property with
the needs of specific customers and is a pioneer in developing long-tail
distribution strategies in the online lodging industry.

Recent industry research has shown that the average online travel buyer
spends only around 19 minutes online on a travel site. Time is therefore at
a premium for the online travel buyer, and with such a ‘short’ shopping
window, positioning a hotel properly in the correct ‘search’ context of the
online buyer can result in greatly improved booking rates. RoomsNet is
committed to optimizing this positioning for every single hotel on its
network and maximizing the value of the time spent by customers and
increasing reservations to its inventory partners.

With this strategy in mind, Roomsnet will continue strengthening their
relationship with Synxis and other partners to reinforce their position as
a leading online lodging distribution network which targets the long tail
in distribution to ensure customers get the best possible hotels to suit
their requirements and hotels will get the most suitable exposure for their
hotels online.