Sabre rolls out first for airline seating

Sabre has introduced another merchandising first through its Distribution
Merchandising Suite, which will allow airlines to differentiate and
sell premium airline seats in a coach class aircraft cabin. This
announcement follows on the heels of the launch of Sabre Branded Fares
just last week. Sabre is the first global distribution system to
integrate these merchandising capabilities into the standard travel
agency desktop making it easier for travel agents to leverage this
premium coach seat capability within their standard workflow.

  Milwaukee-based Midwest Airlines is the launch customer for
Sabre’s new merchandising capability in conjunction with the addition
of the airline’s Signature seating - its two-by-two seating option
with exceptional legroom - on its MD-80 aircraft. As part of Midwest’s
continuing roll-out of its long-term strategic plan, the airline’s
all-coach class cabin will feature both Signature and Saver seating,
beginning this fall with flights on the MD-80 aircraft and continuing
next year on its Boeing 717 fleet.

  Sabre’s new merchandising capability is part of its Distribution
Merchandising Suite, which is powered by the SabreSonic Passenger
Solutions. The new premium seat selection capability will initially be
offered via Midwest Airlines’ website and airport kiosks during the
traveler check-in process. In the coming months, customers will have
the ability to select premium seats as they make their flight
reservations. Travelers will be able take advantage of the new service
whether they book directly with Midwest Airlines or use a Sabre
Connected travel agent.

  This new merchandising capability was developed by the joint
airline team from Sabre Airline Solutions and Sabre Travel Network.
This new solution exemplifies the expansive capability Sabre has for
airlines to address current marketplace conditions, made possible by
Sabre’s ongoing significant investments in its technology. The Sabre
Distribution Merchandising Suite specifically helps airlines address
the need to change how they sell their products and services to meet
their marketing and selling strategies through all channels of

  “Sabre continues to work with airlines around the globe to provide
them adaptable solutions for a constantly evolving marketplace,” said
Greg Webb, Sabre’s chief marketing officer. “Midwest Airlines has long
been recognized for offering premium services to travelers and both
Midwest and Sabre are excited about this collaboration to help them
achieve their goals.”


  According to Scott Dickson, senior vice president and chief
marketing officer of Midwest Airlines, the new technology enables the
airline’s valued customers to make personal choices based on seating
preference and cost. “Sabre has been innovative and creative in its
development of solutions that support Midwest’s initiatives to provide
the flexibility our customers want.”

  “We have enjoyed a long-term partnership with Sabre,” explained
Alex Yarmulnik, chief information officer for Midwest Airlines. “They
understand what airlines need to be competitive. They have proven,
reliable technology with solid integration capabilities, which provide
Midwest with operational efficiencies and cost savings.”

  The new merchandising capability adds to the overall value that
Sabre is providing Midwest. The airline recently renewed its
reservations hosting service through the Sabre Airline Solutions’
SabreSonic suite, as well as a variety of other business solutions,
including schedule planning, revenue accounting, resource management
and flight operations.