Airlines forecast busy Labor Day weekend

The Air Transport Association of America is forecasting that 15.7 million passengers will travel globally on U.S.
airlines during the 2007 Labor Day period, a 2.6 percent increase in
passengers over the same period last yearAll airlines understand that ongoing significant delays are
trying for passengers - they are frustrating for the airlines as well.
The vast majority of flight delays are weather-related - but, while, as
they say, “You can’t change weather,” when it comes to air traffic
control (ATC) delays, a modernized ATC system would produce major
improvements. The fact is that a modernized ATC system would enable safe
operations under weather conditions that today result in gridlock. It is
time for Congress to give the go-ahead for rapid ATC modernization and
to provide a fair funding system in which passengers no longer subsidize
business aviation.

“There is continued growth in the number of people flying over Labor
Day, so passengers are reminded to plan ahead and provide plenty of time
for airport check-in and security screening,” said ATA President and CEO
James C. May.

May added, “While we cannot get in the way of Mother Nature, passengers
can demand that Congress fairly fund the sorely needed modernization of
our nation’s airspace, which can help to mitigate future delays.
Regrettably, without congressional action to update the ATC system,
delays will only worsen.”

      Passengers are encouraged to follow these recommended tips for a
more pleasurable travel experience:
*      Before leaving for the airport, visit your carrier’s Web site
and print out boarding passes (if possible); check flight status and
determine what type of meal service will be offered; and be aware of
carrier carry-on and checked-baggage policies
*      Have amenities readily accessible, including an extra supply of
any necessary prescriptions or other medicines, snacks (and for those
traveling with children, baby food/diapers) for use in the event of an
extended delay
*      If carrying liquids or gels in a carry-on bag, pack them in 3
ounce bottles or less in a one quart-sized clear plastic zip-top bag
(one bag per passenger) and place the bag in the security screening bin
*      Place keys, coins and metal objects in carry-on baggage

For more information on the need for a next-generation ATC system, fair
funding, and how to contact members of Congress, visit