Atlant-Soyuz is revealed as Boeing customer

The Moscow-based airline, Atlant-Soyuz has been confirmed as the customer of four Next Generation Boeing 737-700s. The order, worth $249 million at 2007 list prices, was listed as unidentified on Boeing’s Orders and Deliveries website in 2006 and is accounted for in the 2006 order totals.

Atlant-Soyuz is one of the largest charter carriers in Russia. Currently the airline offers scheduled domestic and international charter flights from its base airport, Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport. Atlant-Soyuz is an official carrier for the Government of Moscow.

“The key factors in our purchase decision were the 737-700’s superior range, enhanced further for Atlant-Soyuz with efficiency-enhancing Blended Winglets, and its industry-leading dispatch reliability,” said Valery Menitsky, chairman of the board of directors of Atlant-Soyuz.

Atlant-Soyuz also recently added two leased 737 Classic airplanes to its fleet.

More than 100 customers have ordered more than 4,000 Next-Generation 737s and Boeing has unfulfilled orders of the plane type in excess of 1,650 airplanes worth more than $118 billion at current list prices.