Ryanair ads banned over Eurostar claim

Ryanair has been banned from advertising claims that its flights from London to Brussels are faster, cheaper and more punctual than Eurostar trains.
The advertisement compared a flight from Stansted to Charleroi Airport, claiming it was an hour faster than the Eurostar service between the two cities.

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found that the ad breached rules on the grounds of truth and comparisons with competitors, with Ryanair failing to take account of the time it takes to travel to and from airports, which adds another hour and 45 minutes to the journey.

Ryanair’s advert contrasted its 70-minute flight between Stansted and Charleroi airports to a 131-minute train journey between Waterloo in central London and Brussels Midi in the centre of the Belgian capital.

The ASA has also found that Ryanair made a misleading claim by saying its flights were cheaper than Eurostar because it failed to include the cost of transfers from the airports to London and Brussels.

The ASA has asked Ryanair to remove claims from similar ads.