United rolls out online tutorial

Studiocom has launched a new online tutorial for United Airlines, designed to support the launch
of United Airlines’ new booking engine, guides leisure travelers through
the online booking process, while educating business travelers on how to
capitalize on new “power booker” tools.
  “In designing this project, we wanted to create an experience that is
both educational and engaging, and reduces the intimidation factor that
sometimes surrounds the learning process for users,” said Juan Pablo
Gnecco, CEO, Studiocom. The modules are the perfect solution in that the
imagery and voice talent are soothing, while the tutorial itself allows
users to go at their own pace and comfort level. In the end, United and its
customers will greatly benefit from the service and that’s something that
we can both be proud to offer.”
  The tutorial, comprised of five self-contained modules highlighting key
United Airlines online booking features, was designed to be viewed
individually or in a linear fashion. Narrated by Sharon Feingold, a
well-known voice-over talent, the modules feature a mix of media most
appropriate for the topic - including video, animation, images, text and
audio. Users are guided step-by-step through an interactive program that
walks them through common booking processes, yet is tiered to allow users
the opportunity to select from basic or advanced descriptions, depending on
their comfort and level of comprehension.
  Users can also link directly from the tutorial into the booking engine,
test out their newly acquired knowledge as they search for flights, review
their itinerary, upgrade seats, check-in online or take advantage of member