AA.com adds DealFinder option

American Airlines has introduced DealFinder - a brand new, downloadable,
computer desktop tool that offers customers exclusive, targeted,
discounted fares to locations throughout American’s worldwide network.Customers can spend less time planning travel and let DealFinder do
the leg work! No more searching for the lowest fares - DealFinder does
it for you.

Customers can use the special discount found in DealFinder to
book a trip from American Airlines Vacations by this Friday, August 3,
and American will take 15 percent off your hotel, rental car and activities such
as theme park passes and sight seeing tours. You’ll also save up to 10
percent on special airfares for American Airlines Vacations customers.

What is DealFinder and how does it work? Offered through the American
Airlines Web site, AA.com, DealFinder enables travelers to customize
travel planning more than ever before. The tool is easily downloaded
onto your computer desktop and will alert you if fares matching your
pre-selected preferences are available. Simply enter where you want to
go, how much you’d like to spend, your travel dates, and how many people
will be traveling. DealFinder will let you know what the current lowest
fare is and then keep checking for your fare. If it finds a match,
you’ll receive an alert right on your desktop - meaning that American
can offer you a deal at the price you requested. You can even specify
your favorite destination type, such as beach/resort, golf or ski
destinations. You will receive a fare alert each time a match to your
preferences occurs.

Not only will DealFinder provide targeted, exclusive fare offers based
on subscription preferences when they become available, it will also
enable customers to receive RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from
American and set up preferred feeds from other desired Web sites. Check
out the DealFinder tool and download it at www.aa.com/dealfinder

“With DealFinder, travelers can now get exclusive American Airlines and
American Eagle offers and indicate their price preferences to the places
they want to go, when they want to go - all from the convenience of
their computer desktop,” said Bella Goren, American’s Senior Vice
President - Customer Relationship Marketing and Reservations. “And, not
only will customers get access to a wide network of flights on the
world’s largest airline, they will also receive other benefits such as
exclusive discounts and other great deals. It’s a winning combination.
We are excited to bring this to our customers, and we believe our
customers will be excited about finding that perfect deal.”