Survey reveals worst of Brits abroad has revealed the results of its latest poll: “What annoys you most about ‘Brits abroad?’”

Drunk and raucous behaviour was by far the greatest bug bear, with a whopping 42% of people polled citing it as their greatest annoyance. It seems those fly on the wall documentaries of drunken Brits abroad continue to shame the nation.

The cone effect - they always seem to be red and white - but never brown (24%) suggests many of us are less than impressed with the physical appearance of our fellow Brits abroad. We may love the sun - but does it really love us?

Expecting foreigners to speak English rather than learning a bit of the local language (22%) comes a close third, suggesting more of us than ever are willing to make that extra effort with the locals, while Football fans (7%) suggests many of us are still less than impressed with our national games supporters abroad.

With Britain suffering monsoon like rainfall over the past month with the wettest June for almost 150 years* it is perhaps unsurprising that only 3% of the nation mind Brits complaining about the weather!


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