Flybe launches new wine business

Flybe has announced an exclusive
deal with Wines4business, one of the top online retailers of wine and
Champagne in the UKThe partnership signals the launch of which, through a
dedicated website, features exclusive content from the renowned wine
expert and Sunday Express columnist, Jamie Goode. It will enable Flybe
passengers to join an exclusive wine club that offers an extensive range
of great value wines to suit everyone’s palate and pocket.

The Flybe Wine club sees the airline continuing to provide customers
with an innovative and quality product range that adds value to its
existing customer service offering thereby setting Flybe apart from
other low cost carriers.  The deal will bolster Flybe’s ancillary
revenues which have over recent months seen new developments such as

Flybe Wine Club members will receive:

      *      Free registration
      *      Details of Flybe promotions and competitions
      *      Regular updates on new wines, seasonal offerings and
special offers
      *      Special discounts
      *      Vouchers from Flybe when placing an order
      *      Exclusive wine advice from expert critic Jamie Goode

In addition, Flybe will:
      *      Seek to use Wines4business supplied wine, onboard
      *      Use wine for flight promotions
      *      Integrate Wine Club as a benefit of its new Frequent
Flyer Programme


It will also be possible for customers to track their orders and see
their order history online at any time, as well as being able to send
wines as personalised gifts to friends, relatives or business

Simon Lilley, Flybe’s Director of Marketing comments: “This is another
industry first for Flybe. In the same way that we have pioneered and
innovated in other areas, this deal with Wines4business will mark the
UK’s first ever low cost airline Wine Club.  Not only does this venture
offer a further dimension to the Flybe offering and our relationship
with our customers, but will be another ancillary revenue stream to
reinforce our market leading position.

“We continue to invest in a product that meets the needs of the Flybe
profile of customers. These days, wine is a major item in the family
shopping basket as well as being a lifestyle choice - much in the same
way as travel.”

Says Peter Jones, Wines4business: “We hope that Flybe’s customers enjoy
accessing a great range of wines and champagne at excellent prices,
proving that there are in fact some frills and perks associated with
low-cost flying.

“I’m always looking for a good deal, and that’s exactly what
Wines4business will be offering through the Flybe Wine Club.”