JW Marriott Ihilani goes allergy-friendly

The JW Marriott Ihilani
Resort & Spa at Ko Olina is the first property in Hawaii and one of the
first in the nation to adopt the PURE(TM) system which creates an
allergy-friendly environment. All of the hotel’s 13 guest rooms and
Presidential Suite on its 17th (top) floor have been converted to the
system, and indoor meeting facilities and the Ihilani Spa will be converted
by the end of the year.
  The allergy-friendly environment can help ease respiratory problems,
asthma and allergies that affect more than 70 million Americans.
  “By providing PURE(TM) allergy-friendly hotel rooms and conference
spaces, we offer our guests the benefit of being in healthy, more
productive environments,” said Steve Glen, general manager of JW Marriott
Ihilani Resort & Spa. “It has always surprised me how many travelers suffer
from allergies and make special requests such as having down pillows
removed. We are now exceeding their expectations by offering the ultimate
allergy-friendly room environment.”
  The PURE(TM) system reduces or minimizes biohazards and other irritants
from all room surfaces and filters them from the air.
  “Bedding, carpeting, walls, furniture, air conditioning systems, and
practically everything in the room is specially treated to remove
contaminants and significantly hinder their return,” said Glen.
  One of the first to experience an allergen-friendly room at the JW
Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa was Kelly Owen of Seal Beach, California, who
stayed in the Presidential Suite. “The suite was fabulous. I can really
feel the difference, especially the smell of the room. I sleep better and
feel better,” he said.
  The innovative and rigorous conversion process designed by Pure
Solutions ensures air conditioners are deep cleaned and sanitized then
equipped with the company’s patented Tea Tree Oil Cartridge, an all natural
antiseptic and disinfectant. Soft surfaces are cleansed and sanitized to
minimize contaminants that trigger allergies and a bacteriostatic barrier
called Pure Shield is applied on virtually all surfaces to minimize the
growth of bacteria.
  To maintain ideal conditions in the room, a state-of-the-art air
purification system is installed, creating air quality that averages four
times cleaner than the threshold for asthma patients. In addition, special,
micro-fiber hypoallergenic pillowcases and mattress covers are used in the
room to eliminate dust and dander and dust-mite related allergens usually
associated with common bedding.
  The special purification technique is a one-of-a-kind high-tech
cleansing and maintenance process developed by Pure Solutions, North
  “It’s a credit to the JW Marriott Ihilani that they are extending this
convenience to their guests,” said Brian Brault, Pure’s chief executive
officer. “They are on the leading edge of the wellness trend and today’s
customers are looking for that.”