Air China in e-ticketing drive

Galileo is implementating its e-ticketing capability on Air China.
Effective immediately, Galileo-connected travel agents will be able to offer their customers e-tickets on Air China in 32 countries globally including key Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. This development represents the latest in a long list of airlines in Asia that have chosen to implement e-ticketing on Galileo and demonstrates the Asian travel industry’s systematic move to achieving IATA’s goal for all airlines to offer e-tickets by the end of May 2008. Since its inception, e-ticketing has delivered clear benefits to airlines, travel agents and their customers in terms of the significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.
Mr. Fajin Hu, E-commerce Manager of Air China, said, “This e-ticketing capability will provide Galileo-connected agents worldwide the ability to transmit ticket information directly to our reservation systems. This means that we can now offer time and cost savings to agents and at the same time, provide our passengers greater convenience to check in and board their flights without a paper ticket.”
Mr. Brad Holman, President and Managing Director Asia Pacific, Galileo by Travelport, commented, “We are pleased Air China is the latest addition to a distinguished list of e-ticketing enabled carriers in helping to bring significant cost savings and productivity benefits to our travel agent partners, while providing ease of use to their travelers. Air China joins Vietnam Airlines as our most recent Asian carriers to activate e-ticketing.”
With this deal, Galileo now has nearly 170 airlines offering e-ticketing in over 90 countries. Three out of every four tickets issued on a Galileo system are now electronic. As a direct result of e-ticketing, Galileo is saving a minimum of 14 acres of forest per month. The airline industry is being transformed by simplifying processes through the advancement of technology. IATA’s target of 96.5 per cent e-ticketing will not only save a significant amount of time for the agent and the customer, but will also save the airline industry at least US$ 3 billion per year