Travellers get mobile translator

A new mobile phone application has been launched by XS2TheWorld that turns phones into a multilingual holiday or business lifeline.  The application contains up to 300 phrases for each of the
current seven languages supported.  Not only does it display the phrases on
your screen phonetically, it fluently speaks them in the local language.
Whether you are looking for directions, a restaurant, a museum of even
looking for love your mobile can now do the talking.

“Phrase books are dead,” claims inventor Sander Munsterman. Adding: “Even if
we can find the words we need in a phrase book, trying to ask where is the
nearest cash machine is in Mandarin is beyond most of us.  The ability of
the mobile to speak clearly for you has shown some amazing results.  People
warm to you.  It becomes a point of interest and communicating and getting
what you want much simpler.”


It’s a familiar picture around the world; the picture based menu has been a
‘crash mat’ for those of us who don’t speak the local language.  Dining out
is just a small part of the phrases available.  The range of words is based
around a number of activities from local customs, travel, doctors or
emergencies to general conversations, flirting and fun.



In addition a city guide provides spoken directions to places of interest
and cool places to hang-out, makes this an essential travellers accessory.