Stoke Park Spa launches new product range

SPA SPC is about more than treatments; it is a way of life. Sumptuous surroundings, pure, natural ingredients and relaxing procedures combine to create a sanctuary of blissful well being. The new line of SPC products, launching this spring, allow this luxurious sanctuary to be recreated at home and as part of your everyday life.

Years of industry experience and research gained through SPA SPC, the luxury SPA at Stoke Park Club, has resulted in products which give a deep holistic experience, providing visual radiance and emotional well being.

SPA SPC is all about invigoration and intense detox; for this reason, the SPC product range contains only pure, natural ingredients. Each element has been carefully selected for its natural rejuvenating, hydrating and antioxidant properties.  Unlike other ranges, SPC products contain no alcohol or parabens. The luxury of the treatment with all its benefits can be experienced in your own home.

Choose from fabulous body products including the White Chocolate Body Cream and Citrus Body Cream, or luxurious face products such as the Decadent Rose Moisturiser. Every product in the range is used in treatments at SPA SPC.