JetBird welcomes Embraer news

JetBird has welcomed the announcement by Embraer that it had rolled out the first Phenom 100 at the its headquarters, in São José dos Campos, Brazil.This event marks the completion of the aircraft assembly and systems integration phase. The first Phenom 100 will now begin a series of ground tests over the next few weeks in preparation for its first flight this summer.

Embraer’s Phenom 100 was launched in May 2005 as a best-in-class executive jet in the very light category. JetBird, the world’s first fleet customer for the Embraer Phenom family aircraft, and European launch customer, has ordered 50 Phenom 100 aircraft, with options to purchase a further 50. The Company will receive its first European certified Phenom 100 in April 2009.

Following announcement of the roll-out, Lu’s Carlos Affonso, Embraer Executive Vice President, Executive Jets commented “We are confident that the Phenom 100’s premium comfort, outstanding performance and low operating cost will impress our customers and will become the benchmark of the Very Light Jet segment.”

JetBird CEO, Mr Stefan Vilner, commented, “As expected, Embraer’s Phenom manufacturing programme remains on schedule and, as European launch customer, we look forward to receiving the first European certified Phenom 100 in April 2009.”

He added, “JetBird’s choice of the Phenom 100 reflects its position as the premium aircraft in its category offering best-in-class comfort, space and passenger facilities. In addition, Embraer’s commercial aircraft approach to design of the Phenom family aircraft means that the Phenom 100 has lower operating costs, higher utilization capability and higher residual value than all other aircraft in its class.”


He concluded, “Each of these factors underpins JetBird’s low cost business model and the ability to offer a premium service at a significantly lower price point than existing private jet operators.”