Czech upgrades call centre tech

The Czech Airlines call center has started to use a new technology, which will significantly expedite the center’s ability to process incoming customer inquiries. Due to its newly-designed voice tree, customers will be able to more directly reach the right person at the call center to take care of their needs without any unnecessary delays. The new technology was supplied by Hewlett-Packard, which won the February 2007 tender to provide the new system. The product itself was developed by CISCO.

“In combination with our highly qualified staff at the CSA call center, the new technology will allow us to process the inquiries from our customers in a faster and more effective manner. It will also allow the company to further improve its services through this communication channel, which is also used to handle telephone sales,” said Petr ?ehák, CSA’s Vice President for Sales.

Besides phone calls, the CSA call center personnel also process travel-related email correspondence and the center acts as a point-of-sale, where passengers can book and change their tickets. The agents at the center are able to communicate with callers in eight different languages - Czech, Slovak, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. The most frequent questions that are directed to the staff often relate to specific CSA flights and the flight options offered by CSA’s partners in the SkyTeam Alliance. There are also inquires about the benefits offered by the airline’s frequent flyer program. The call center’s services are also regularly used by travel agents and CSA’s own airport sales agents. 

“Our call center processes customer calls for almost all of CSA’s foreign branch offices. After analyzing the needs of the calling customers, we have designed a new voice tree, which has enabled us to make the system more user friendly for the customer. We are now also able to retrieve the data used by the agents handling calls in a faster and more accurate manner,” said Kate?ina Dlouhá, the manager of the call center.

In 2006, the CSA call center handled 405,000 incoming calls, which represented an increase of 14 percent over the year before. During the first five months of this year, the center witnessed an additional 25% rate of growth in calling traffic. Customers can reach the CSA call center at +420 239 007 007, when calling from outside of the Czech Republic, or by using the toll free number 800 310 310, when calling from within the Czech Republic.