Airmiles inks Confirmit CRM deal

Confirmit have announced the successful implementation of Confirmit into
its online customer research survey. AIRMILES selected Confirmit as part of
its strategy to increase the value of its customer feedback program.

Sarah Wood, Director, Marketing & Insight, AIRMILES commented: “Our aim was
to get a better understanding of our customers’ attitudes and behaviors
about how they collect and spend their Airmiles. We decided to take a more
personal and immediate approach to our survey techniques to determine why
some of our customers choose to book some or all elements of their travel
and entertainment with us, or why they don’t. We wanted our market research
agency (Aurora Market Research) to devise an online survey for us to
measure customers’ attitude and behaviors immediately after each
interaction with us, via the ‘phone or web. With Confirmit they have done
just that.”

Confirmit has been integrated with AIRMILES’ CRM platform, Epiphany,
thereby enabling the import of personal and demographic details about each
customer into the survey ? making it highly personalized. This shortens the
survey by reducing the number of questions that need to be asked, thereby
enabling AIRMILES to add questions to aid their understanding about why a
customer visited the web site, made a call or failed to complete a
transaction.  According to Justin Alderson, Managing Director of Aurora
Market Research: “This high level of personalization has improved response
rates to 35%”.     

Confirmit automatically alerts the AIRMILES team when a customer response
requires action. The first alert flags AIRMILES’ service managers to any
dissatisfaction amongst both customers who have booked and those who have
not made a travel or entertainment booking. This then enables them to work
to resolve the issue immediately.  The second alert focuses on customers
who book either a flight or a hotel but not both and forwards their details
as ‘warm leads’ to the sales team. This warm lead alert has produced an
additional 20% sales conversion, compared to customers who have not been
surveyed and ultimately a significant increase in AIRMILES’ customer
bookings and revenue.

Justin Alderson, Managing Director of Aurora Market Research explains: “One
of the major factors behind the choice of Confirmit was the strength of its
reporting capabilities. The ability to escalate individual customers’
issues via the alert system is invaluable. Confirmit enables us to
aggregate the data so that we can see larger trends and issues that affect
AIRMILES’ business. Making the survey more personal required a change from
the thinking of traditional market research,” explains Justin. “But the
benefits of this were manifest. As individuals had consented to further
contact following the process, we were able to escalate any dissatisfied
customers to the AIRMILES sales team who could reconnect with them to turn
them around.”


Sarah Wood, Director, Marketing & Insight, AIRMILES continued: “The
dashboard reporting capability has made it easier for us to understand the
competitiveness of our market.      It’s also enabled us to analyze the reasons
why our customers didn’t book the product they came to us to book. The
dashboard measures Key Attitudinal Indicators (KAIs) that correlate closely
to our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are visible to senior
management. These KAIs are seen as a leading indicator into our business
performance and we’re convinced that they will help us to keep our KPIs