US Airways secures union agreement

US Airways and
the Transport Workers Union have reached a final transition agreement
moving pre-merger America West Airline’s flight crew training instructors to
the contract covering their counterparts at pre-merger US Airways.The agreement, covering 88 employees, was signed yesterday.  Details will
be communicated by union representatives to their members in the coming days.
The agreement sets forth processes and timelines for transitioning pre-merger
America West flight crew training instructors to the pre-merger US Airways

  “We’re quite pleased to reach a final agreement with our group of
exceptional flight crew training instructors.  This is the second agreement we
have reached with a represented work group in as many weeks and we move closer
to our goal of operating a single airline with unified contracts,” said Al
Hemenway, vice president of labor relations.

  In April, a unified contract was reached with TWU-represented flight
simulator engineers.  Last year, the company reached unified agreements with
the Airline Customer Service Employee Association, an alliance between the
Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of
Teamsters (IBT), the two unions that represent the airline’s 7,700 passenger
service employees and reservations agents.  A unified contract also was forged
with the TWU for dispatchers.

  Hemenway said talks continue on unified agreements for pilots, flight
attendants, mechanics and fleet service employees.