Harrison to drive UK sales for Gulf Air

Airline Sales and Marketing veteran James Harrison has been
named Gulf Air’s new General Manager for the United Kingdom.Harrison, who has been with Gulf Air since 2002, and currently general
manager in Dublin, will take charge from 14 May 2007.

“With his knowledge and experience James Harrison will be the ideal
person to drive sales for Gulf Air in the United Kingdom,” says Gulf Air
Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales Lee Shave.

Harrison started with Gulf Air in November 2002 from British Airways
where he was an Area Manager. He joined the UK office as Gulf Air’s
Sales and Marketing Manager and moved to the UAE after 12 months as Area
Manager for Dubai and Northern Emirates.

In January 2006, Harrison was appointed General Manager - Worldwide
Corporate Sales based in Bahrain and when Gulf Air announced the start
of its Dublin operations he became General Manager - Ireland.

Harrison is married to Dawn and has two children, Charlotte 11, and Lucy