TAM and TAP reveal partnership deal

TAM and TAP Portugal are establishing a comprehensive alliance that
comprises several areas, taking advantage of the synergies arising from
their respective networks, products and services in the routes connecting
Brazil and Portugal.By next July, the companies will implement a code
share, which will translate into a significant increase of flight options
for passengers, as well as into the linkage of the companies’ mileage
programs, TAM’s Fidelidade and TAP’s Victoria.

For TAM, the agreement will allow the commercialization of TAP’s
flights operated between Brazil and Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and
Funchal), strengthening TAM’s position in the international market with
European Leisure passengers traveling mainly to the northeastern Brazil. On
the other hand, for TAP, it will involve domestic destinations operated by
TAM to several Brazilian capitals and cities such as Belem, Manaus, Sao
Luiz, Ilheus, Porto Seguro, Campo Grande, Cuiaba, Aracaju, Vitoria, Belo
Horizonte, Curitiba, Goiania, Florianopolis, Joao Pessoa, Maceio,
Navegantes, Porto Alegre and Foz do Iguacu, among others, in addition to
cities in South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile). TAM
and TAP also intend to extend cooperation to other international routes
operated by both companies from their hubs, subject to the authorization of
the involved countries.
  “This agreement is key for TAP, given the dimension of the Brazilian
market and TAM’s remarkable position in it. From now on, TAP will count on
a local partner with one of the largest service networks, both domestically
and internationally, adding a great number of destination options with an
irrefutable level of reliability and service quality, which will certainly
bring great benefits to TAP’s clients, who will also be able to accumulate
and use miles in TAM’s network”, states Fernando Pinto, CEO of TAP.
  Marco Antonio Bologna, TAM’s CEO, declares that the code share will
convert into benefits for passengers. “With TAP, the leading airline in
Portugal and with over 60 years of experience, we are going to offer new
flight options in the international market and another important entry into
Europe, for both the tourism and business markets”. Mr. Bologna also
highlights that TAP has a relevant role to play regarding the growth of the
Brazilian tourism market: “TAM will now have conditions to boost the number
of passengers transported to Brazil, and distribute them to several cities
within the country, with the advantage of the interconnection of both
companies’ loyalty programs”, he says.