Eos unveils new brand campaign

Eos is launching a brand campaign
that expands on the benefits of an “uncrowded” experience for the
airline’s guests.Eos Airlines has earned a
loyal following among business and leisure travelers since it launched
service between New York and London in late 2005. Eos pioneered its
single-class premium service—“Eos Class”—on the strength of an
innovative cabin design in which 757s that normally hold 220 passengers are
reconfigured with only 48 “suites.”

Jack Williams, CEO of Eos Airlines, commented, “The ‘Uncrowded.
Uncompromising.’ campaign captures the true essence of what the ‘Eos Class’
experience is all about. Our best-in-class employees, flat-bed suites with
21 square feet of personal space and everything else that is necessary for
an extraordinary experience, is what ‘Eos Class’ provides—minus the
crowd.” He continued, “The removal of the crowd is what makes all the other
best-in-class services that much more authentic and pleasurable to our
  A series of vignettes, which Eos calls glimpse ads, illustrate the
benefits that an airline flying 48 guests per flight can offer. The first
to run, called “Pond Hoppers,” offers a glimpse of a stylishly dressed
young couple arriving at the airport with less than an hour to go before
their international flight, which is just fine with Eos. The airline offers
curbside guides to assist with fast track check-in, allowing for arrival 45
minutes prior to departure.
  Another direction for the campaign brings the “uncrowded” message home.
In a tennis stadium, two fans happily occupy a large roped-off area, as an
attendant stands nearby. As the headline suggests, they are “Uncrowded in a
Crowded World.” The ropes are blue velvet and emerge as an icon in all
aspects of the campaign. A forthcoming newspaper ad uses them to separate
cluttered editorial copy from the Eos message.
  The blue velvet ropes will also make appearances at Eos sponsored
special events in New York and London. In New York, street teams will also
carry velvet ropes to demonstrate how Eos creates private space even within
one of the world’s most populated cities.
  Print advertising will run in leading business and travel periodicals,
and a series of non-traditional brand encounters will be created in outdoor
media environments. The campaign breaks in the NYC and London media
markets, the two cities that Eos currently serves, and is targeted to
premium class travelers in the finance, entertainment and fashion
industries, among others. The work is the first from Mullen, which became
the agency-of-record for Eos in January of this year. Initial spending is
$6 million.
  Adam Komack, senior vice president of Marketing at Eos, commented, “The
areas in which we demonstrate our caring and commitment to our guests
extend way beyond what travelers expect from an airline, so it’s
appropriate that we’ve moved beyond traditional airline imagery in the ads.
I’m excited that this campaign captures the essence of the travel
experience we’ve created—one that makes going to a meeting across the
ocean feel as easy as going to a meeting down the street.”