Macau travel blog launches, a locally-based
online destination marketing company dedicated to Macau, moved swiftly into
the vanguard of destination travel in the region with the innovative Macau
Travel Insider Blog. The Blog features off-the-cuff commentary, interactive
features, Macau travel tips, exclusive insight into visiting Macau, and
user-generated contributions which gives visitors unique access to one of
Asia’s premier entertainment and holiday destinations.
  Careful consideration of input from customers, decades of experience
from’s team of travel industry experts, and growing e-commerce
trends were central to the Company’s decision to pioneer new approaches to
travel in Asia.

“The blog engages visitors on a personal level and permits
individual interaction with blog authors and others interested in Macau,”
says’s CEO Christina Siaw. “Travelers are very discerning in
the online information sources they trust. We want to informally
communicate with people as fellow travel lovers and Macau insiders with
knowledge to share. So far the feedback we’ve received is very positive.”>[?

The blog candidly describes living in and traveling to Macau and is written
in both English and Chinese by Macau residents in the travel industry. To
support the campaign, is linking with travel and destination
blog communities in the Asia-Pacific region and offering bloggers and their
readers the chance to win free hotel stays every week until the end of June
  The Blog is supported by a vibrant website with extensive information
about all aspects of the Pearl River Delta and one-stop travel planning
tools, including hotel booking engine, maps, special deals, and handy City
Guide. Further development on the website is already underway and the near
future will see deeper and wider transactional content as well as the
implementation of a more powerful e-commerce platform to offer customers a
greater variety of products and services.