Denver Airport unveils PC game Cafe

ZOOX Stations and RMES Communications (RMES)
have teamed up to bring the first Internet and PC game Cafe to Denver
International Airport. With a slick privacy booth enclosure, travelers can
now go beyond just checking their email and surfing the Internet. The ZOOX
Stations cafe also features 19 of the hottest PC game titles, available to
play locally or online. While these are the same titles gamers are addicted
to in their home XBox(TM) and PlayStation(TM) set-ups, the DIA equipment is
guaranteed to blow even the most spoiled gamer away.
  The cafes are an innovative upgrade to the present “Shibby” Internet
equipment, which have been a mainstay to DIA travelers since 2002. While
RMES (DIA Internet provider) recognizes the ongoing demand for high-speed
Internet, they were also forward thinking in capitalizing on the huge
popularity of on-line gaming as a way to pass the time while captive in the
terminal. The 23” screen is bolstered with an exceptional graphics card,
sound system, and high-speed performance that will take users from
frustrated traveler to engrossed gamer in record time. With 19 titles
ranging from sophisticated on-line games—to simply addictive titles,
there is something for everyone (ESRB ratings from Everyone to Teen). In
addition, game title content can be continually upgraded to keep current
with demanding market standards.
  The interface guides users to one of two tiers of use—High Speed
Internet or PC gaming. Quick links to popular sites like MySpace, YouTube,
and Google are one solid source of entertainment. The newer, gaming aspect
adds a whole new entertainment option that far surpasses the $7.00
concourse burger.
  The Internet and Game cafe is the creation of ZOOX Stations, a
Louisville based division of KIOSK Information Systems, the largest
manufacturer of self-serve terminals in the world. ZOOX Stations was
incorporated in 2006 as a subsidiary dedicated to development of cutting
edge new products in the pay-for-use environment. This cafe (branded as
ZAZOOX outside the airport environment) has been a slam-dunk performer with
over 400 units ordered and fielding in military bases, truck stops, and now
airports. According to Rick Malone, President of KIOSK and ZOOX Stations,
“The single ingredient needed to make this machine a gamer magnet is idle
time. Our development team has included the highest caliber gaming
technology and a full complement of industry leading title options that
appeal to even the most sophisticated gamer. With RMES’ attention to
quality operation, we are extremely confident it will be a hit with DIA
  The equipment is currently being installed in Concourses A, B, and C
with additional equipment and main terminal services scheduled by July of
2007. Modestly priced at .25 / minute, users simply swipe their card to
access a private, upscale, and innovative entertainment escape. Ask anyone
trapped in the blizzard with their kids over Christmas—it’s cheap at
twice the price.