UNWTO in security drive

UNWTO has signed a collaboration agreement with data management and e-security specialist Indusa Global to advance the application of Information and Communication Technology for the sustainable development of the Tourism Sector.
The agreement will operate within the framework of UNWTO’ s long-term Public-Private-Partnership with Microsoft, which has resulted in a series of projects to help deliver secure, safe, quality tourism experiences.

It will involve close collaboration with Wisekey, another UNWTO/Microsoft partner in the field of eTD (electronic Tourism for Development), in projects such as SAFE (Security and Facilitation Enhancement), WOA (Windows on Africa), the Emergency Response System www.sos.travel, and www.YouTourist.net, the social network for responsible travellers.

UNWTO Assistant Secretary-General Geoffrey Lipman says, “The priority focus will be on consideration of border crossing and particularly e-visa, with an emphasis on ensuring that the world’s poorest countries will be able to participate in this kind of programme. It enhances UNWTO’s commitment to create a secure and agreeable travel environment for all tourists and underscores our commitment to increase security while facilitating travel”.

Indusa Global is specialized in data management for Tourism, National Security and Transport security and logistics and its software solutions encompass e-visa and e-passports technologies to provide secure, hassle-free travel. “We are looking forward to working closely with UNWTO and Microsoft to promote secure ID and travel reporting solutions that allow easy access in to countries, while promoting security and border control”, says Indusa Global CEO James Ram.

As a lead Microsoft Partner with primary interest in tourism and border related solutions, Indusa Global has identified the tourism sector as a major point of focus and is actively engaged in Tourism projects in developing markets. It is currently operating border-flow-systems for the Government of the Bahamasand working on a number of similar international projects.