AirTran uses YouTube for promotion

AirTran Airways has launched its “EweTube” online contest for college students with spirit, a video camera and a female sheep mask. The contest is hosted on YouTube and challenges participants to submit a video doing a cheer for AirTran U while wearing a mask of the official AirTran U mascot, Eunice the Ewe. AirTran U is the airline’s standby program for travelers aged 18-22.

Fellow classmates and friends can vote for their favorite videos from May 5, 2007, until May 12, 2007, at . The winner will receive a round-trip flight anywhere AirTran Airways flies, plus three flights for friends or family members.

Eunice the Ewe masks can be printed at , the virtual home of the EweTube contest. Directions on the masks instruct students to: “Do a little (or big) dance, sing a fight song, chant or whatever else comes to you.” Visit for official rules, details and restrictions pertaining to the EweTube contest.