Bratislava Airport handles nearly 360,000

Airport Bratislava handled 359,810 passengers in the first three months of this year,a year-on-year increase of 5 percent, airport PR manager ZoraKalouskova told SLOVAKIA.Of that, 324,233 passengers (94 percent of the total) travelled abroad.

As the summer months are likely to bring a rapid increase ofthe figures thanks to special charter flights, the airport awaits its2 millionth passenger in October,” said Kalouskova.

The most frequent destination of the flights from Bratislavaairport was London’s Stansted airport (24,158 passengers) and Milan’sBergamo airport (15,079 passengers), followed by Paris’ Orly airport(9,886 passengers), and Dublin airport (9,149 passengers). For thesame period, nearly 34,000 passengers travelled within the country toKosice.

Since the beginning of the year Airport Bratislava has reported6,170 flights, and more than 541 tonnes of airborne cargo in thefirst three months of the year.

In March alone the airport handled 137,625 passengers. Of that,123,606 passengers travelled abroad, while 13,497 passengerstravelled within the country, and 540 passengers used other kinds offlights.