BAA unveils plans to cut airport queing

In a speech to journalists, BAA’s Chief Executive Stephen Nelson will announce “Putting Passengers First”, the company’s plans to end congestion and cut queuing time at its airports.As part of its plans, BAA is spending an additional £40 million to recruit 1,400 extra security guards and open 22 new security lanes across its seven UK airports. Once these developments are complete BAA is committing to reduce queuing to 5 minutes or less for 95% of the time. At the same time BAA is also planning a multi-billion pound investment programme at its airports which will add vital new facilities, improve existing terminals and add significantly to the UK’s overall airport capacity, all in time for London’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics.
Stephen Nelson, Chief Executive of BAA commented,
“As well as tackling the immediate issue of queuing times, we are ready to make major, long-term investments in British airports, that will free the travelling public from congestion and provide a good experience at our airports, all for a few extra pounds per passenger. The onus is on the regulatory authorities to deliver the stable regulatory system and sensible financial incentives necessary to deliver these plans.”
Tony Douglas, Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport said,
“When Terminal 5 opens in a year’s time, we will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to redevelop Heathrow. By 2012, we aim to have either re-built or redeveloped all our aging terminals and returned Heathrow to its rightful status as the world’s leading international airport and a fitting gateway to London.”